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For those of you who are familiar with my work over the years I have always been drawn to circles.  My Cosmos Collection was based on circular discs and now the beginning of my new collection is simply called Circles.  This time when I was hammering the design, after I made these circles, I realized that they resemble the outer face of a clock with Roman numerals.  Each of our handmade pendants come with our Certificate of Authenticity and beautifully gift boxed.

These pendants have the chain attached as a cat’s paw knot.  

See what you think and learn more below.

The circle has been an omnipresent symbol throughout human history. From Dharma wheel to Peace Sign; from Stonehenge to Colosseum to Marina City; from Pythagoras’ circle appreciation to Pi number – the circle has always had a special place in human culture.

That is especially true for our culture’s spiritual and symbolic realm.

These all-encompassing properties of a circle have roots in the depth of human consciousness.

All of us are deeply aware of the cyclicity of life on Earth. The Sun circles around the Sun and around its own axis, bringing about the cyclical changes in nature – day and night, the change of the seasons, and tides. Another circle – the iris of the human eye – is said to be a window into one’s soul.

But these examples are only the beginning. Or, to put it differently, as the circle has no beginning or an end, the circle could have an equally endless number of meanings in the human mind. Reaching beyond the domain of physical nature, the circle has engraved itself deep into the symbolic realm, the world beyond the physical one.

What’s The Secret Of A Circle As a Spiritual Symbol?

The circle is the heart of many spiritual symbols for several reasons.

  • First of all, the circle represents wholeness, which is what all spiritual seekers are out for.
  • Also, the circle is all-encompassing, symbolizing the notion of totality.
  • The circle has no beginning or an end; thus, it is infinite – as all spiritual realms are.
  • The circle is, quite logically, the symbol of cycles, including those spiritual ones. The symbols such as the Dharma wheel or Uroboros reflect this notion well. The concepts such as the “wheel of fortune” are also reflective of these principles, but related to more down-to-Earth topics.
  • Finally, the circle represents the Original Perfection – God One of the most famous quotes on the topic comes from the Latin booklet written by an anonymous author called Liber XXIV philosophorum. Among other definitions, it says that God is ‘an infinite sphere, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.’

Interestingly, the circle is one of the rare shapes – if not the only one – that symbolizes both the Masculine and the Feminine. We all know that it is part of both masculine and feminine symbols – as well as a part of those related to other, non-binary genders. However, the Sun is also the symbol of the Masculine, while the full Moon is associated with the feminine.

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