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Focus on Appraisals

Photo courtesy of Fortuna Auctions, NYC

Everyone needs a jewelry appraisal at some point, with jewelry insurance coverage valuation being the most common.  Other reasons are the desire to sell your jewelry or give away your jewelry to your heirs or in some cases division of property due to divorce or other reasons. 

We offer a free introductory consultation to ascertain the scope of the appraisal assignment and to provide our expert advice and free estimates of any work being considered.  Arrangements can be made for the bulk of the appraisal work to be done with you present, you do not have to leave your jewelry, unless you want to.  After you leave we will finish up the research and documentation.  When the report is finished we will mail you a hard copy and email you a PDF of the report.

When our services are retained, we will evaluate your gems and jewelry and professionally prepare appraisal documents with photographs and item details to protect you when you suffer a loss.   We provide Estimate to Replace Reports and Documentation of Sale reports for you to use to insure your jewelry. A properly prepared jewelry appraisal makes a strong case for you when dealing with an insurance claim.  

We can help with disbursement of jewelry to your heirs with an Equitable Distribution Report.  We provide Fair Market Evaluation reports when someone in your family passes on and your estate lawyer needs an evaluation of the jewelry.  

Please inquire for current professional fees.

Contact Peter Indorf at 321-914-0118 to schedule an appointment or for additional information on jewelry appraisals.  

To see a sample appraisal:

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