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Ruby – Queen of Gems

Take a good look at the gem below, isn’t it a beautiful color?

2.03 ct Mozambique Ruby (H) 

As the “Queen of Gems” with centuries of lore and intrigue, Ruby continues to reign as the coveted big three of the colored gemstones world.   It is also the July birthstone and the 40th anniversary gemstone.

Our extensive sources can supply rubies of fine to gem quality in sizes up to 5 carats.  

Here are a few of my favorites.

2.08 carat Burmese Ruby (H)

1.49 carat Mozambique Ruby (H)

The gems shown range from $8,350 to $14,800,  with many other rubies available for less or more than shown here.  If you have been thinking about a ruby for yourself or a loved one, get in touch today for your no obligation consultation.  Let us help you find you a beautiful ruby and then create a stunning piece of jewelry to highlight its unique beauty.   

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