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The Custom Jewelry Process

On a recent trip to Connecticut I visited some old friends and clients, and we worked on a unique diamond necklace design for the lady of the house. All the diamonds were from significant ancestors, and each one had a family name. Most were antique or older cut diamonds and in total weighed over 4.5 carats!

The diamonds that were used in the necklace.

First, I sketched a few ideas that came to me for possible consideration. The client liked a vintage concept but with modern details, like bezel settings to frame the gems. We also had to deal with diamonds that didn’t quite match for size. The bezels disguised the size variation well.

Quick concept sketch by Peter Indorf

The clients liked the design concept, so after documenting each diamond for size, weight, color, clarity and cutting,  we re-created the design in our computer aided design program (CAD), CounterSketch. The beauty of CounterSketch (CS) is you can work out the details in the virtual realm and then, through modern technology, use a three-dimensional printer to create wax models. Those wax models are encased in plaster, and after the plaster hardens, we melt out the wax and replace it with precious metal.

The CAD rendering by Peter Indorf

Once this step was completed, we got to work on creating this necklace. We used an adjustable chain so it can be worn wherever it looks best with a particular outfit. Total time to create the completed necklace was about 6 weeks. Upon completion, we also documented the necklace and prepared a professional jewelry appraisal so insurance can be purchased.

The finished diamond necklace. Design © Peter Indorf, All rights reserved.

Our client was thrilled to wear this treasured family necklace!

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