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Selling at Auction

Selling your jewelry & watches at auction is an exciting and profitable journey and Peter Indorf can help.

By working with one of the world’s few auctions that deals primarily with fine jewelry and timepieces, you have access to a specialized team with decades of experience assessing the quality and value of your piece, and the best way to sell it. With bidders from over 50 countries competing for your items, selling your jewelry and watches with FORTUNA® is a rewarding and exciting experience, with no risk at all.

After you consign your piece, our team of specialists will research, photograph, and market the collection globally. If the jewelry or watch does not sell for the minimum price that you determine, we return it to you with no fees at all. This is unprecedented in an industry where the norm is to burden the sellers with numerous fees, ranging from photography, to insurance, and even unsold lot fees.

We can refer you or be your representative, if you have fine jewelry you no longer want or need, get in touch to learn more.

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