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Gemwise Nov 2021

Peter Indorf’s Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas

Jewelry is always the perfect gift for the holidays!  Here is our top 10 gift ideas.

Here are a few suggestions in a variety of prices.  

First is our specialty, Custom Design Work.  Our team can bring your dreams to reality, with prices that will delight you as much as the gift will enchant the recipient!  It’s easy to get started, just get in touch and Peter will personally respond to your request and get you started with no obligations.  

Second, a Sentimental Charm.  We offer thousands of charms from America’s largest charm maker, Rembrandt Charms.  If you can imagine it, they probably make it!  To see the collection, look under Jewelry Designers > Rembrandt. 

For example: the letter charm H, in sterling silver is only $15.50, in 10K only $64 and 14K white or yellow only $98.  Charms can be used in a variety of ways, on a bracelet, chain or even earrings.

Earrings are perhaps the perfect gift.  No sizing worries and as long as the recipient has pierced ears your’e golden!  Below are three classics earring designs a woman cannot have enough of.

Three, Pearl Stud Earrings come in an array of kinds, qualities and sizes.  We carry Chinese freshwater pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, Tahitian black pearls and South Sea pearls.  Here is a good example, our  gorgeous Tahitian black pearl stud earrings (310-1152) in 14K gold are only $395. 

Four, Gold Ball Earrings are such a staple of every woman’s jewelry box.  With multiple ear holes these come in handy to complete the look.  Like pearls, gold balls come in 14K yellow, white and rose gold, in sizes 3 mm to 8 mm, the finish is either polished or Stardust texture, even pierced with designs.  Mostly for pierced ears with the standard post and ear nut or screw backs, dangles and even screw backs for those without ear holes.  From our stock, here is an example, a 14K white gold, 5 mm ball earring for $60.  

Five, Diamond Stud Earrings.  What a category! You can get diamond studs in round, princess, triangle, and other interesting shapes.  Settings can be basket setting, cocktail or martini setting, bezel setting and more.  We like white diamonds in platinum, but 14K white will do and yellow gold is perfect for some gems.  

Here is a example from our inventory a beautiful high quality princess cut diamond studs, we call ALECIA, for only $3795. 

Six, Shell Earrings and Pendants from our new shell collection, we offer our Tiny Jewel Box pendant.  Being in Florida I love to beach-comb and I am always so inspired by the simple beauty of the colors, textures, spirals and symmetry seen.  The pendant in sterling silver (625-875) is only $125 or the 14K yellow gold (435-1613) version for $595.  The chain is additional.  

Seven, a Jeweled Band. We offer a wide assortment, but one of my favorites is from a long time manufacturing partner Byard F. Brogan.  His alternating baguette and round diamond is mesmerizing with the coolness of the baguettes with the fire of the round diamonds.  It’s a head-turner for sure.  The ring is available in eternity style (all around) or anniversary (part way set).

Eight, a Long Strand of Pearls. Today pearls can be had for a trifle or a treasure.  I’m featuring a beautiful Chinese Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace finished off with our original handmade gold clasp.  It can be worn a variety of ways, long, doubled up as a choker and even a bracelet!  Talk about variety.  Very attractive at only $645.

Nine, a Colored Gemstone Ring.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful colored gemstone?  We offer an array of gems in every price range, in sizes from small to large, and most every type available.  I particularly love sapphires because of their beauty and durability.  Now we all know that sapphire comes in various shades of blue, but did you know you can find rose, peach, lavender, purple, green, orange, brown, and delicate pastel shades of pink, white, blue, yellow and lilac?  

A little known fact is that sapphire is in the corundum family and a brilliant red cousin is ruby which is also corundum.  As the corundum crystal is forming, trace elements get absorbed into the crystal imparting the color.  

This is a new one-of-a-kind design we call PHOEBE that is set with a glorious pink sapphire and diamonds in 18K rose gold.

The cut is a Round Brilliant, it weighs 1.30 carat, with a fine G color and VS2 clarity, it comes with a Gemological Institute of America Diamond Grading Report with all the details.  This will put some sparkle in someone’s stocking!  A great value at $10,800.

Our website shows all our in stock and other items that can be quickly ordered, check our BUY NOW tab to see all of our stock.  We sort out by category rings, earrings, necklaces, earrings and more.  We make it easy to find what you are looking for.  Our jewelry is made in America by American craftspeople. 

FedEx 2nd day shipping is $30 or free on orders $500 or more, FedEx overnight shipping is $50 or free on orders $1000 or more.

Each item is beautifully gift wrapped.  

Documentation for acquiring insurance is available.

Remember, to order early to avoid late shipping.  The holidays make everything move slower.