Chapter 7 – Pearl Care

Indeed the radiance and beauty of a genuine quality pearl can be preserved lifelong with a bit of care. Being formed naturally, with layers of predominantly calcium based minerals; pearls are susceptible to both acidic and alkaline chemicals. Therefore, pearls should never be washed with strong soap or detergent solutions. Pearls can be worn frequently, and with the following precautions, preserve their beauty forever.

Wearing Pearl Jewelry: Pearls should be put on last while dressing up, and taken off first when dressing down. This is to prevent the harmful effects perfumes and cosmetics have on pearls. It’s a good idea to put your pearls on at least 30-minutes after you’ve put on perfumes or cosmetics.

Keeping Pearl Jewelry: While safe keeping, prevent pearls coming in direct contact with other hard precious stones such as diamonds, etc. It is a good idea to store pearls wrapped in a soft cloth.

Cleaning Pearl Jewelry: Tenderly wipe off pearls with a soft cloth every time after wearing. Occasional cleaning with warm water and a touch of alcohol or a very dilute soap solution is recommended. After cleaning the pearls individually with a soft cloth moistened with this solution, wipe the pearls off with a soft cloth dampened with clean water. Finally, dry the pearls with a soft cloth before storing.

Re-stringing Pearl Necklaces: If you wear your pearl necklace on a regular basis, you should have it professionally re-strung about once a year to ensure all the pearls are secure. The necklace should be strung with knots between each pearl to safeguard against all of the pearls falling off should the necklace thread break. The knots also protect the pearls from rubbing against each other and wearing down the nacre coating. It is a good idea to occasionally inspect your necklace for any weak spots in the thread or fraying.

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