The Diamond Market Today

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Most consumers of diamonds and diamond jewelry have no idea of how technology has affected cutting and post processing of diamonds and other gems.  You have so many choices! 

In this blog series, What’s Happening in the Diamond Market?, we’ll take an in-depth look at the world of diamonds. You’ll get to know natural diamonds, treated and enhanced diamonds, lab grown diamonds, and convincing less expensive sparklers.  With commentary by Certified Gemologist and jeweler Peter Indorf, if you follow along, you’ll be inspired…and even save some money.

Photos by  Peter Indorf

When it comes to buying a fine diamond, the knowledge of the seller is paramount.  An established and experienced gemologist like Peter Indorf  can guide you to making a smart purchase.  Let us help you exceed your expectations for size, quality and value. 

Some of the topics I’ll cover:

Diamonds Sourcing

Diamond Cutting

Mined Diamonds

Diamond Cutting

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Lasered and Filled Diamonds

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Rustic Diamonds

HPHT Diamonds

Irradiated Diamonds

Coated Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Enhanced Lab Grown Diamonds

Synthetics : Moissonite and Cubic Zirconia

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond. Photo courtesy

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