Everything Old is New Again…with a little help

There’s a very creative way to save money that maybe you haven’t considered. Let me tell you how…

The largest diamond mine in the world is right here in the United States! Don’t believe me? Experts estimate there are more diamonds and precious gems in the safe deposit boxes of Americans than anywhere else in the whole world! That estimate doesn’t even include the diamonds you may be wearing or the ones in jewelry boxes or tucked away for safekeeping somewhere else in your home.

Did you know you can turn that old jewelry into something beautiful and excitingly new by reusing the gemstones you already have?

Maybe you have an opal?

Diamonds last forever. It’s just the settings or bands that wear out or go out of style. If you think about it that way, you probably have an amazing assortment of gorgeous gems right at your fingertips—ready and waiting to be recreated into something fresh and dazzling!

Peter Indorf Designs is a leader in custom-made jewelry and has creative solutions for those old worn out pieces you have in your home or safe deposit box. Show us the jewelry you’re not enjoying or not wearing and discover ideas for an elegant new ring, a gorgeous necklace, stunning earrings or a sparkling bracelet.  To get started at home, please visit Peter Indorf Designs website at and see the amazing designs that may get you started thinking about your new jewelry.  Then get in touch to start a conversation.

We can help you preserve the memory of your mother, grandmother or godmother and honor the heritage of your family by creating a new treasure to pass down to the next generation.

Our process is simple, straightforward and very collaborative. We begin with a complimentary design appointment – either in person or over a FaceTime or Zoom – during which we will discuss what you have to work with and listen to your ideas and share all of the new design possibilities with you. We can also do preliminary work by reviewing emailed photos of your jewelry if you wish.

Once we have a potential solution and a good idea of what you want, we create a realistic three dimensional design for your approval with a proposal that covers pricing and delivery. We work on your schedule to suit your needs and your wishes, and take pride in offering the highest degree of professionalism and personal touches to make this a wonderful experience  from start to finish! 

So get out your jewelry and give Peter Indorf Designs a call at 321-914-0118 today to arrange your free consultation.

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