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The Process of Making a Pair of Leaf Earrings

Recently, I wanted to create a pair of unique, handmade gold earrings for my daughter in celebration of her birthday. I used a technique called Fold Forming and this is how I made them.

This is a rolling mill on which I reduce the thickness of the gold bar.
After rolling out the fold, I cut the blank in two and anneal the gold to reduce its hardening.
Here I start to bend the blank…
…creating these preformed earring blanks.
After bending flat, I hammer the earrings, layout the pattern, and cut it out. Here I smooth the edges.
I use this tool to open up the two halves and start to shape the earrings.
This is what it looks like after I unfold the earring.
These are the tools I use to open up the folded form.
Here I am “confirming” the fold by forging with a hammer on a steel block.
I use a nylon hammer to give the earrings the beginnings of a dome by using a custom made, concave form.
Soldering allows me to add rings to the earrings.
Both rings are now attached.
All formed, shaped and ready to add the ear wires.
I start with 1 mm round wire and solder a loop at the end, then start to bend.
Here are the ear wires with one done and the second coming along.
The almost-finished earrings on the bench with the gold scrap.
The finished 14K yellow gold leaf earrings. They have a nice movement to them and are flattering to any face. We would be happy to make a pair for you! Get in touch to get started.
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