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It’s official, my plan to visit Connecticut in September has been cancelled due to Covid-19. In past years, I’ve enjoyed catching up with family, friends, and my Northeast clients each fall. Hopefully, I’ll be back next year!

In the meantime, we have had great collaborative success with Zoom and FaceTime calls to make our clients’ dreams come to life. Maybe it’s time for you to get in touch! We can arrange a complimentary appointment to discuss your ideas and jewelry needs. It’s fun and easy.

And, with the holidays coming, it’s not too early to start thinking about gifts for the special people in your life. Jewelry is always well received and creates treasured memories…especially our thoughtful, custom family jewelry. Here are a few pieces we have made recently that commemorate special family members. You can find these on the website.

Reuse your old jewelry!

Some of the most interesting resources families have is the old, unworn jewelry sitting in boxes. It makes a good and meaningful start for custom jewelry. Often, you may be able to create a beautiful piece without having to buy new gemstones. Let us help you to reuse what you have! Get in touch for a free consultation.

See what’s new on our website!

Visit our Buy Now section, shop online, and save 20% at checkout! Use code 20%OFF to save on our already everyday low prices! 

Here is a sampling.

Parting shot…

We have seen a strong interest in engagement rings created with center gems other than standard cut diamonds. Sapphire is popular, as is Moissonite for its sparkle and reduced cost. Colored gems, salt & pepper diamonds, and rose cut diamonds are all popular.

For many, lab grown diamonds are attractive due to their lower cost (up to 75% less), the ability to get a better color, clarity and cut for less, and the huge environmental implications.

What is your opinion on Lab Grown Diamonds? Yes, no, undecided?

I have a client I’m making a ring for in California who got a 2.62 carat Asscher lab grown diamond for $12,600. If she purchased the same weight and grade in a mined diamond, it would have cost more than $35,000!

Here is the 2.62 carat Asscher lab grown diamond from our digital microscope.  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Get in touch today to make an appointment for a Zoom or FaceTime call! We look forward to assisting you.

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