Sketch by Peter Indorf
Custom Design, Process, Work Showcase

Our Process

I’m working on an important birthday gift for a long time client. He wanted to give a beautiful sapphire in a contemporary Art Deco style design. So I started by doing some sketches of some possible ideas. This is what they looked like.

So this piqued his interest and I started finding some gems to use. This is a few of the gems I found. I love sapphires, don’t you? The color is so amazing and soothing.

Next I started coming up with designs, from classic to very contemporary. This is what I have so far. Today we had a FaceTime call and discussed all the designs. Which one do you think he chose to work on some more?

Well if you give up this is what he liked the best. However, I’m not done. I will need to adjust some details, change the bail, modify how the baguettes are set on the sides. When it’s done, I’ll post the final design and later the finished piece.

The finalist!
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