Necklaces, Process

Developing a new necklace design.

During the Covid shutdown I have been using this time for designing, bench work that I could never get to, learning new skills and more.

The photos below show the progress of a newish technique I like, it’s called Foldforming which was developed by a metalsmith professor named Charles Lewton-Brain. This necklace uses foldforming to hand form and create the leaves and then the pearls are wire wrapped to hold everything together and finished off with our handmade S hook. It is fun and rewarding to create something from the concept to the final finished piece!

The necklace first started out with a sketch of what I envisioned drawn on black paper.

From the top left to right:

1 – The rough foldformed leaves.

2 – The leaves filed smooth.

3 – The leaves now have soldered rings at the ends and the clasp was made.

4 – Now I selected the pearls.

5 – I had to drill out the holes on the pearls to allow the silver wire to go through and I started to wire wrap the ends

6 – This shows the finished necklace!

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