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We now offer Gift Certificates!

Wondering how to give a special gift during these difficult times? Consider a gift certificate to Peter Indorf Designs.

Our Gift Certificate program is offered in many denominations from $100 up to $5000, if you would like a different amount, please let us know . Gift certificates can be used now or later on our website, or in person from our shop when we’re able to open our doors again.

You or your recipient will receive our elegant Gift Certificate by mail in 5 to 7 business days.*

As a special gift to our valued customers, Gift Certificate recipients will receive an additional 20% credit added to your gift. For example, if you order and pay for a $500 gift certificate, the gift recipient will received credit for a $600 purchase! These gift certificates do not expire.

Simply select your gift amount from the drop down list and follow the prompts. When we receive notification of your payment, we will email you for the recipient’s name, address, phone, and email so we can expedite delivery.

Click this link to take you to our webpage to buy: https://www.peterindorf.com/catalog/peter-indorf-personal-collection/gft-01/

*Please know that we take all precautions when preparing this mailing for your loved ones. If you would prefer a digital Gift Certificate, we can prepare one for you after we speak. 

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