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Current Trends in Engagement Rings

In working with young couples I’ve noticed a shift to some new esthetics that I’m discussing here.

Naturalist themes, asymmetry, colored gems, rose gold, combinations of metals and a desire to use sustainably mined gems and renewable resources like recycled precious metals.

This first example is for a young lady I worked with recently who wanted a lotus blossom with gems in the center of the flower and vines on the ring shank in platinum and yellow gold. She chose sapphire as her center gem with emeralds on the sides, also in small lotus flowers.

The second example is a three part stacking ring featuring a Sunstone center gem, which is a variety of Feldspar, a cousin to the more famous Moonstone. This client wanted to incorporate a marquise diamond on one band and a round diamond on the other and have variety in the bands.

Whatever your ideas or desires are for an engagement or wedding ring, we have you covered. Search our website for ideas and each design has a feedback or contact form which we can respond to, usually quite quickly. So get started today!

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