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From Design to Life!

When we create a uniquely designed engagement ring, we start with a conversation about hopes, dreams, style, and more. Then we do a concept sketch to work out an idea. From there we offer a complimentary three dimensional designs.

Here is an example of a three stone Asscher cut Moissonite ring made in platinum for a client in Tampa. I can even show it on a hand. We have named this design Dionne.

The magic is the designs above have algorithms embedded in them which can drive a computer that creates an exact wax model that can be transformed by casting into the platinum ring! Then our master jewelers refine the design, file, sand and polish the ring and then set the gems.

Here is the finished ring set with the platinum band.

This ring is set with Forever One Moissonite by Charles & Colvard. Moissonite does not exist on Earth, it was discovered originally on a meteorite by Henri Moisson. Later it was synthesized and now is used in jewelry. Forever One is a new variety of Moissonite, it is very white, like a diamonds DEF color range. It is a beautiful, durable alternative to diamond. Do not confuse this with Cubic Zirconia (CZ) which may look similar, however CZ is very fragile. Moissonite is very durable and can be worn everyday with confidence. Moissonite is a very affordable option for today’s bride.

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