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Reintroducing our Unity Bands

Our Unity Collection started many years ago. We actually got a design patent for the unique two bands becoming one ring concept. This collection has been very popular over the years. We are pleased to reintroduce the collection. See the photo below.

We typically make the ring in half 18K yellow gold and the other half in platinum 950. You can order plain, without diamonds or with diamonds set in the platinum side. Unity Bands are also available in all platinum with diamonds in both sides. Each of the rings are available in men’s and women’s sizes in widths from 4 to 8 millimeters. There are many options for metals, sterling, 14K gold in white, rose and yellow, different finishes like matte, and textured. There are also options for yellow, brown, pink natural color diamonds and almost any color in a treated color diamond.

These rings are made to order, so get in touch to learn more!

The Unity Band Collection by Peter Indorf Designs

The style numbers are:

75L our thinnest at 4 mm width is new and not shown

100L is the 4.5 mm width

100LD has diamonds set on the platinum side

100LDD is all platinum with diamonds on each side

200L is the 5 mm width

200G is the men’s size

200LD has diamonds set on the platinum side

200LDD is all platinum with diamonds on each side

300L is about 5.5 mm width

300LD is set with diamonds on the platinum side

300G is the men’s size

400L is not shown but is about 6 mm

400G is not shown

900G is 7 mm and the original design

500G is 7.5 – 8 mm

500GD is set with diamonds

Order yours today!

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