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New Custom Blue Zircon Ring

Recently I was working with a client to create a special ring, because she was born in December she was interested in birthstones. I shared with her that turquoise, tanzanite and zircon were her gem choices. Because she likes sparkly gems, I suggested that she look at blue zircon. She thought zircons were synthetic. I told her that many consumers confuse cubic zirconia, a man made stone with zircon, a natural gem.

Zircon comes in many colors but my favorite is blue. Because zircon is doubly refractive and has a very high refractive index (1.925 to 1.984), the gem has a lot of life and sparkle.

Below is the design for the ring and photographs of the finished ring.

The design by Peter Indorf Designs
The ring design shown on a hand.
Finished Blue Zircon and Sapphire Ring in Yellow Gold
View from the back showing the surprise sapphire
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