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October’s Birthstone is Opal
October’s Birthstone is Opal
We have always loved opal! The play of color is endlessly fascinating. Opal has all the spectral colors within. Below are a few from our
From Design to Life!
From Design to Life!
When we create a uniquely designed engagement ring, we start with a conversation about hopes, dreams, style, and more. Then we do a concept sketch
Burma Ruby, Part 1
Burma Ruby, Part 1
Dealers old enough to remember the golden age, nearly 30 years back, when Burma ruby was so plentiful there was no need to sell any
Solange – “Rainbow Ring”
In my quest for combinations of colored gems, SOLANGE demonstrates a centered diamond with a very colorful halo.What do you think?..Let us be your full
18k Gold Double Band Custom Engagement Ring
18k Gold Double Band Custom Engagement Ring
Here is a custom design proposal for an 18K yellow gold double band, giving an updated look to a 100 year old 2 carat diamond
The Unexpected… Peridot and Spinel
The Unexpected... Peridot and Spinel
Welcome to Peter Indorf Designs Blog! This issue is about Peridot and Spinel, the birthstones for August.  I hope you enjoy the materials here, which
Sapphire – A Symbol of Sincerity and Faithfulness
Sapphire - A Symbol of Sincerity and Faithfulness
A group of multi-color sapphire stacking rings in platinum, by Peter Indorf.  The word Sapphire comes from “sapheiros,” which means “bright blue stone” in Greek.
OPAL – Nature’s exotic gem!
OPAL - Nature's exotic gem!
Black opal with “Chinese Writing” play-of-color set in a platinum pendant with Tahitian black pearls. By Peter Indorf. Opals are a wonder of nature. Writers
Tourmaline – America’s Gem
Tourmaline – America’s Gem
Green tourmaline and diamond sun pin shown with the original design rendition, by Peter Indorf. History and Lore Researchers from the Gemological Institute of America
Citrine & Topaz – So Close But So Far Away
Citrine & Topaz - So Close But So Far Away
From our collection, an unusual bi-color Citrine with a zone of darker orange-brown, 35.86 carats. This month, we’re featuring Citrine and Topaz,two gems that are often
Something Special for the Holidays!
Something Special for the Holidays!
Let’s face it, roaming the mall and searching to find that special something for the holidays is no easy task. This year, for your significant gifts skip the
Turquoise – The Stone of the Gods
Turquoise - The Stone of the Gods
When I first started making jewelry in the early 1970s, one of the first gemstones I worked with was Turquoise. To this day, I feel
Those of you born in January will recognize your birthstone in the deep dark red of Garnets, but you might be surprised to learn that